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Creative Elements To Help Shape Your Project 
Vanishing Waterfalls 


Vanishing Falls provide the sight and sound of  water without the pond or upkeep. They provide the illusion of water disappearing through the rocks. In reality, the water flows into a small, underground reservoir where it is pumped back to the top of the falls and flows down. Virtually maintenance free. We can even

incorporate meandering streams and shallow pools.

Florida Friendly


Florida-Friendly Landscaping means using low-maintenance plants and environmentally sustainable practices.


Learn how you can have a beautiful landscape that can save you time, energy and money while protecting our future.

Landscape Design
Keys to designing a garden that is beautiful, well functioning, and thrives over time. 
Design Components;

Design focuses on

artistic composition and artisanship, horticultural finesse & expertise, and detailed site involvement from concepts through construction


Design factors include;

  •  Climate and orientation

  •  Site drainage, soils and irrigation

  •  Access and circulation

  •  Recreation and furnishings

  •  Lighting, safety and security. 


 Factors in designing also include special site qualities to emphasize, client's needs and preferences, existing desirable plants and elements.

  Artistic composition from perspectives of looking upon and being in the gardens.

Spatial development and definition.

Plant palettes in designed layouts and artistic focal points for enjoyment. 



An ecosystem is an ecological community together with its environment, functioning as a unit.  Likewise, an ecosystem pond is a water garden that functions together with its surrounding environment.

We work with Mother Nature and not against her.  



Block and rock walls to add style and distinction.


Paver and flagstone patios to enlarge outdoor areas.


Pathways and walks to aid in flow and movement.



 Robert and his crew completed a major landscaping project at our new home on schedule, on budget and with spectacular results. Our project included a four-tier waterfall in our lanai area, 100 feet of block wall, a paved patio, 10 palms and 20 outdoor lights. Beyond this, he and his group relocated all of the existing landscaping, while integrating much into our new plans. I highly recommend him for all of your land and waterscape needs. Pay less, get less. There is no substitute for Quality.


Landscape Lighting


Artistic lighting concepts to highlight the architectural details of the structure and accent the landscape plantings.


Provide safety and security and give your water features some wow factor..


Review by    David L.    The Villages, FL

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