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Robert Parker
Founder and Principal

  I chose to work in this industry because I remember tending to the landscape with my Grandfather, as a child, and that's what planted the "seeds" in my heart.


I started this business as a kid, in 1985, with a borrowed lawn mower and a borrowed truck.  I developed an eye for details and with quality service in mind, I worked hard to make the company grow.


Seeing many examples of what a poorly designed landscape can develop into, I took a logical design approach. Applying creativity and horticulture knowledge to create sustainable, beautiful landscapes.




​Fifteen years ago, I started creating koi ponds and waterfalls. I have enjoyed the aquarium hobby from a young age, blending of hobby and career choice. 


Moving forward, we design custom landscapes unique to each client with sustainability in mind.

“We're a creative and knowledgable design and build company. We look forward to meeting you and helping you beautify your landscape, develop solutions - and realize them!     So what are you waiting for,                             ." 

Robert Parker,  Owner,  Creative Outdoor Design

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